Viatical Settlement and Life Settlements

Do you have a Life Insurance policy that has cash value and you no longer need the full face value?

Call us to discuss a Viatical Settlement or also known as Life Settlements today; which is the sale of your existing Life Insurance Policy to a third party for more than its cash surrender value.

We have many options with the sale of your policy that provides the policy owner with a substantial lump sum payment.

The third party or purchaser becomes the new owner of the policy, pays the monthly premiums, and receives the full benefit of the policy when the insured dies.

If you need cash now and no longer want your life insurance, selling your life insurance policy can be a simple and easy solution for you and your family.

Depending on your policy and based on the actuarial value of your policy, this transaction provides you with a lump sum greater than the policy’s surrender value but less than the total face value.

Our program typically pays five to eight times more than the “cash surrender value” offered by insurance companies.

Viatical Settlement and Life Settlements

“Sell your life insurance today and receive a lump sum payment”


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