Commercial Energy Savings Resources


Energy Deregulation means more control over your own energy bill.

This means you have full control over what you pay. Start paying less every month by shopping your electric and gas supply!

With the newest changes, while traditional utilities still own the power lines and gas pipelines, you can now choose your own energy supplier. You wouldn’t pay retail prices for raw materials, so why pay retail prices for gas and electric?

Here’s a few commercial energy savings resources that you will find helpful to your business.

What does it mean to be a commercial energy broker?

Energy Deregulation: Frequently Asked Questions


We Now Have Two Websites Devoted to Energy Savings
Business Energy Plans helps you find the commercial energy savings plan that is best for your business. Getting a free energy quote is now easier than ever, and lock in your new lower rate for up to 5 years. 
Business Generation allows you to sell commercial or residential energy plans. Selling energy is great if you need additional income or simply if you want to boost the finances of your existing business.
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